Bachelor of Public Policy and Leadership

A unique Bachelor of Arts program that is physically housed in a professional school, the Batten School’s BA in Public Policy and Leadership will prepare graduates for a variety of jobs in the government, education, nonprofit and private sectors. 

This “Bachelor of Arts, plus” program—a liberal arts degree paired with practical experience—also will allow for easy progression to advanced degree programs in law, business, journalism and the social sciences.

Students will learn to analyze the economics, political implications and history of public policy choices. They’ll explore the psychological and cultural aspects of public policy. Our faculty will lead students through an examination of domestic and international policy issues. Students explore how traditional distinctions between “domestic” and “international” policy issues are crumbling in an increasingly global environment.

Both scholarly and skills-based, the program offers students an opportunity to explore policy interests through research with faculty. Students develop marketable skills:

  • Quantitative and financial skills — how to use statistics and develop and manage budgets
  • Research skills — learn how to use data and find meaningful results
  • Interpersonal skills — developed and honed through group work and team-based projects
  • Communication skills — both through exposure to professional writing and public speaking