The Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming

The Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming

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The Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy recognizes the value of simulation and serious games in leadership and public policy education.

The Center will initially deploy a series of existing, exemplar simulation models and participatory games in selected courses to allow faculty members and students to gain an appreciation for their use as learning tools. Existing models and simulations have been chosen in the areas of healthcare, environment, security, development and education for initial deployment. These tools will allow students to demonstrate their skills in leadership, negotiation, persuasion, decision-making and teamwork.

Working in close collaboration with Batten faculty members, a collection of new, customized simulation models and games will be designed and developed to create a set of tools for the Batten curriculum. These new models will be used initially as standalone models and games in individual classes. The design anticipates their eventual integration into a comprehensive integrated multiday capstone exercise. This will create a unique, innovative and world-class approach to teaching leadership and public policy analysis.

The UVA Center for Large-Scale Computational Modeling is an affiliated center.