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Batten Global in Colombia

The Batten School has partnered up with the Universidad de los Andes and the Cavelier Lozano Foundation at Alqueria to offer a summer-long internship program for Batten graduate students in Bogota.

Batten Global in Denmark

The Batten School has partnered up with the McIntire School of Commerce to cross-list a course that will take place in Copenhagen in May 2016. Batten undergraduate students who enroll in this course will receive Batten Special Topics credit for the experience. PPOL 4569: Sustainable Practices in Denmark: Local Solutions to Global Challenges. This course is an intensive examination of how one progressive country in Europe is working toward sustainability through a variety of interconnected programs. You will also have the opportunity to visit Sweden.

If you are interested, please contact Professor Carfagno. Batten students: If you have credit-related questions about this program, please contact Amanda Crombie.

Dates: May 13-27, 2017
Faculty program director: Kerrie Carfagno

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Batten Global in Dominica

Sponsored by SE@UVA, this course is designed to expose undergraduate and graduate students with the unique dynamics of social entrepreneurship in a small island developing state. It presents the challenges that entrepreneurs face in countries with limited resources, narrow economy base, limited product and market diversification, low economies of scale and a high dependency on international trade. It also highlights the inescapable need for social ventures for sustainable growth and development.

Dates: May 14-27, 2017
Faculty program director: Bevin Etienne

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Batten Global in England

OXF 3510/PPOL 3000T is a three-week, three-credit undergraduate summer course run through the UVA in Oxford program, which is housed at University College at Oxford from late July to mid-August. This program fulfills a special topics requirement for the Batten B.A. in Public Policy and Leadership.

Dates: In July 2017. Exact dates to be posted soon.
Faculty program director: Mark Thomas

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Batten Global in Hong Kong

The Batten School has partnered up with the School of Humanities and Social Science at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The agreement promotes academic cooperation in the field of public policy and includes the exchange of students.

Dates: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019

Batten Global in India

Sponsored by SE@UVA, PPOL 4993/7993:  Global Field Experience: Social Entrepreneurship in India is a one-credit independent study course focusing on the shift in the entrepreneurial landscape that is led by grassroot innovators with little formal education and technological know-how, and who are living and working in penurious environments.

Dates:  This program will not be offered in 2017
Faculty program director: Bala Mulloth

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Batten Global in Northern Ireland

Sponsored by SE@UVA, this Global Field Experience short course (Extreme Social Entrepreneurship: PPOL 6500/4500)  investigates three interrelated pieces of the Irish peace process: the crafting of political institutions, the crafting of economic opportunities and the contested crafting of the meaning of “The Troubles” and the peace process that has followed.

Dates: Spring break. This program will not be offered in 2017.
Faculty program director: Paul Martin

Batten Global in Turkey

The Batten School has partnered up with Bilkent University in Ankara. The agreement promotes academic cooperation in the field of leadership and public policy and may include the exchange of educational, scholarly and research materials; the exchange of faculty and research scholars; the exchange of students as well as joint research and meetings for education and research.

Dates: The student exchange portion of this program is on hold due to a State Department Travel Warning.
Faculty program director: Jeanine Braithwaite

Batten Global Internships

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