Teaching, Research and Scholarship


Jeanine Braithwaite, Bevin Etienne, Kirsten Gelsdorf, Harry Harding, David Leblang, Gerry Learmonth, Molly Lipscomb, Randall Lutter, Christine Mahoney, Paul Martin, Isaac Mbiti, Bala Mulloth, Chris Ruhm, Allan Stam, Gerry Warburg

Global Policy Center Faculty Affiliates

Amir Bagherpour

Zuri Linetsky

Rana E. Novack


2016-2017 MPP Applied Policy Projects with a global focus:

  1. Malcom Moses Brogdon: “Clean Water in South Africa: Finding the Most Efficient Alternative to Deliver Clean Water” (PureMadi)
  2. Michelle Hye-Sun Cho: “Mothers Matter: Using Behavioral Nudges to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Indonesia” (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund)
  3. Abigail Mahriah Dobbertin: “United States Alternatives to Improve Lung Cancer Mortality in Cuba” (Engage Cuba)
  4. Daniela Cecilia Eppler: “Battling Water Scarcity in Xilitla, San luis Potosi, Mexico: Solutions to Bring Water to Rural Communities” (Ecoparadigma)
  5. Natalie Regan Geleta: “Caution Ahead: Using Remote Monitoring to Improve Aid Worker Security and Access on Afghanistan’s Gardez-Khost Highway” (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction)
  6. Charlotte Marie Paxton Halbert: “Improving Breastfeeding Rates in Mexico: A Model to Assess the Environmental Costs of Not Breastfeeding” (Pan American Health Organization)
  7. Richard Bailey Hopkins: “Securing Democracy” (United States Agency for International Development)
  8. Gabrielle Jorgensen: “Fueling the Future: Exploring the Role of Global Energy Governance in Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies” (United Nations, Office of the Secretary General)
  9. Nakawala Lyapa Lufumpa: “Decreasing Maternal Mortality in Liberia: Maternal Mortality in a Fragile State with a Weak Health System” (African Development Bank)
  10. Caryl Anna Merten: “Improving Haiti’s Foreign Assistance Infrastructure: Leveraging Aid from Foundations and Philanthropies” (Partners in Health)
  11. Patrick James Morgan: “Transitioning FARC Combatants to Civilian Status” (United States Department of State, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations)
  12. Erin Kelley Patrick: “Improving Social Assistance in Bulgaria” (World Bank)
  13. Catherine Elizabeth Quinn: “Child Marriage in Bangladesh: An Exploration of Methods to Reduce Child Marriage Incidence” (United States Department of State, Office of Global Women’s Issues)
  14. Gracie Lynn Rosenbach: “Addressing Water Challenges in Rwanda” (United States Agency for International Development, Office of Water)
  15. Heidi Wilder: “Getting Refugees to Work in the Land of Opportunities” (International Rescue Committee)


Two Batten students have received Center for Global Health University Scholarships to conduct research abroad or to address a public health problem with an international focus (summer 2016):

  • Eliza Campbell of McLean, a third-year public policy and foreign affairs major in the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, will evaluate health sector sustainability for Rwanda’s Ministry of Health.

  • Kaija Flood of Reston, second-year master of public policy student in the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, will examine education platforms for refugee students, using messaging as a tool for learning and performing data tasks, and bettering the lives of those performing such work.