Published Research

Arndt Wonka, Frank R. Baumgartner, Joost Berkhout
January 2010
Mel Horwitch
Although increasingly complex, modern innovation is still largely viewed through the lenses of sectors and distinct venues—e.g. large corporate R&D and new product development, entrepreneurial small or new ventures, or public programs or projects.
Jan. 1, 2010
Brian Balough
The state has consistently been displaced by individual initiative and market mechanisms in personal and collective memory and, more often than not, scholarly interpretations as well.
Craig Gunderson
Brent Kreider
Children in households reporting the receipt of free or reduced-price school meals through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are more likely to have negative health outcomes than observationally similar nonparticipants.
December 2009
Brent Kreider
We consider the problem of identifying a mean outcome in corrupt sampling where the observed outcome is drawn from a mixture of the distribution of interest and another distribution.
May 2009
Brian Balogh
While it is obvious that America's state and local governments were consistently active during the nineteenth century, a period dominated by laissez-faire, political historians of twentieth-century America have assumed that the national government did very little during this period.
Research | National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.

Teacher Preparation and Student Achievement

Donald Boyd
Pamela Grossman
Hamilton Lankford
Susanna Loeb
Sep. 1, 2008
Research | NBER Working Paper

Teacher Preparation and Student Achievement

Donald Boyd
Grossman Pamela
Lankford Hamilton
Loeb Susanna
Sep. 1, 2008
T. Dee
R. Herman
P. Dawson
J. Greene
S. Redding
M. Darwin
This guide identifies practices that can improve the performance of chronically low-performing schools — a process commonly referred to as creating "turnaround schools."
May 2008
Jennifer Hochschild
Vesla Weaver
This phenomenon of “colorism” both occurs within the African American community and is expressed by outsiders, and most blacks are aware of it.
December 2007
Research | The Review of Economics and Statistics

Technology and Voter Intent: Evidence from the California Recall Election

Thomas Dee
Conventional evaluations of voting systems focus on ballots for which no vote can be recorded (that is, "residual" votes). However, recorded votes that misrepresent voter intent are another potentially important, but less easily measured, source of error.
November 2007