social entrepreneurship @ UVA

Design the future

Social entrepreneurship is an approach to creating system-level change through the application of entrepreneurial thinking to social ventures, non-profit organizations, government institutions and NGOs to create economic, environmental and social value for multiple stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Both within and beyond the University of Virginia, a groundswell of support is emerging behind this growing field. The University of Virginia is leveraging its vast array of existing resources to establish itself as a leading institution in educating the world’s highest impact leaders in the emerging field of social entrepreneurship and innovation. Countless models have shown the potential for scalable solutions to address social and environmental problems on a global level. Collaborating with government and business leaders, social entrepreneurs can spark cycles of self-sustaining social and economic value creation, uplifting communities and empowering individuals.

As this field develops, it is imperative we educate future leaders to advance this field. We strive to bring together the best of the University’s public service mission, world-class professional schools, and critical liberal arts training through a pan-University social entrepreneurship initiative. Read more at the SE@UVA website.

Interested in a Minor in Social Entrepreneurship? Learn more about the cross-disciplinary, cross-Grounds Minor.

Links to Related Organizations:

  • HackCville: A member supported, member run 501(c)3 of designers, programmers, makers, creatives, and the just plain curious
  • SEED: SEED is a passionate group of students at the UVA committed to fostering sustainable development in communities around the world.
  • Engineers without Borders: A student run organization at the UVA. that’s focused on applying sustainable engineering methods to carry out local and international projects.
  • Enactus: We apply business skills to our community projects to address social, economic and environmental concerns both in Charlottesville and in the greater global community.
  • Batten Institute: The Batten Institute is dedicated to the creation of knowledge about the transformative power of entrepreneurship and innovation and to the cultivation of principled, entrepreneurial leaders.
  • iLab: A University-wide initiative that creates a nexus for entrepreneurship and innovation education.