Batten Hour: “March Madness: Athletes, Activism and Policy Action,” with Terrell Jana (BA ’21)

What happens when dreams of social justice are deferred? How has athlete activism changed since the 1960s? What are the implications of athletes’ activism—the refusal to just “shut up and dribble”—for the future of American movements for social justice? This special Batten Hour conversation will leverage the insights of professional athletes, activists and Batten alumni to highlight the challenges and opportunities that athletes face in promoting progress. A model has emerged from Batten student-led research and analysis that can serve as a template for athletes and other policy activists aspiring to build a more perfect union and create generational change in their communities.

The conversation will be led by Batten student-athlete Terrell Jana (BA ’21), with introduction and Q&A facilitated by professors Brian N. Williams and Gerry Warburg. Be prepared for special surprise appearances from some of UVA’s leading scholar-athletes/alumni!

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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