Seven Batten Students Complete Public Service Internships Through the Frederic S. Bocock Fellowship

Bocock Fellowship
The 2021 recipients of the Bocock Fellowship. (Graphic by Macy Brandon)

Through the generosity of Fred and Mary Buford Hitz, seven Batten students completed summer public service internships with support from the Frederic S. Bocock Fellowship. The Bocock Fellowship was created for Batten students interested in pursuing careers in public service, specifically through internship opportunities in government. Funding for these often low paid or unpaid public sector internships opens new domains of service, experience, and professional contribution for Batten Students.

Candidates in Batten’s undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible to apply for the Bocock Fellowship. Applicants must articulate both a demonstrated record of public service and a genuine desire to use their degrees in a future position of government service in the United States, whether at the local, state or federal level.

2021 Bocock Fellowship Recipients

Mia Bailey (BA ’22), Office of U.S. Representative Jennifer Wexton

“I could not be more grateful to be a Bocock Fellowship recipient and to have received financial support throughout my internship with Congresswoman Wexton. The Bocock Fellowship allows students to pursue their interests in public service and preserve Batten's mission to produce innovative leaders committed to tackling our communities' toughest problems. I am thankful to have benefitted from both the fellowship, the Batten community at large, and to have learned from Congresswoman Wexton's Office this past summer.”

Camille Blum (MPP ’24), U.S. Department of State

“The Bocock Fellowship allowed me to pursue the internship I’d always dreamed of having, without worrying about the unpaid nature of the program. My time at the State Department inspired me to try International Law Moot Court at the Law School and apply the knowledge I gained in the internship.”

Julian Brock (MPP ’22), U.S. Department of Justice

“The Bocock Fellowship helped me to pursue my passions and interests without limits. This past summer, I was able to work in a research environment dedicated to analyzing and using data to inform policy at a government institution capable of enacting meaningful change. It's an experience that will inform my career decisions going forward and I have Batten and the fellowship to thank for that.”

Andrea Eichenberger (MPP ’22), U.S. Department of State

“My internship with the Department of State was incredibly valuable for me. It was easily the most I've learned in an internship so far. I had the chance to make real contributions to the team I worked with and speak with so many interesting people. I was thankful to receive this fellowship because it made it possible for me to work in my dream position without having to sacrifice time and money.”

Jessica Meyers (MPP ’22), National Telecommunications and Information Administration

“My internship with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration was incredible and ultimately made possible by the Bocock Fellowship. Through the fellowship's support, I was able to meaningfully engage in impactful and thoughtful public service without stress around stability.”

Alex Pinckney (MPP ’22), Office of Management and Budget

“My summer at OMB completely transformed my perspective on public service. My team made me feel valuable and constantly reminded me of the importance of the work I was doing. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such dedicated people and experience the federal regulatory process in the United States. I’ll never again take for granted the complexities of federal budgeting and policy implementation. I am so appreciative of the Bocock Fellowship, as it alleviated the financial burden of accepting an unpaid internship.”

Kate Wozniak (BA ’22), Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, Arlington County, VA

“The Bocock Fellowship made it possible for me to engage in my internship with the Arlington County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and reach my professional goals for the summer and beyond. It was especially rewarding that the internship felt like a continuation of my Batten education. In Batten, we learn to be leaders and innovators through hands-on change, with a focus on how to serve others. My summer internship gave me the opportunity to join a real work environment and help attorneys respond to the challenges that individual community members faced, from minor infractions to life-altering situations. As we learn in Batten, being effective in a role is not about changing the world every day, but rather about looking at the people around you and offering them support. That was foundational to my internship.”

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