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Batten X - Batten's Executive Education Course Offerings

BattenX programs are an extension of Batten into the world of practitioners, policy-makers, executives, and lifelong learners. These programs serve as a convening place to explore new, innovative, and difficult topics in leadership and public policy.

As the landscape of public policy evolves, so must those who strive to influence it. Our Batten X executive education programs facilitate exactly that: growth, cross-sector collaboration, and critical self-analysis at every career level. 
We stand distinguished by committing to a hyper-focus on value-centered leadership that's designed to challenge assumptions, sharpen capabilities, and induce transformative, tangible results.


Moving Issues Forward in Congress

Which representatives and senators truly drive progress on specific public issues? Who gets things done, for example, when it comes to health care, or education, or defense? And how do they move specific legislation effectively through Congress?

Craig Volden, Professor of Public Policy and Politics at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia and Co-Director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, along with Alan E. Wiseman, Professor and Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair at Vanderbilt University and also Co-Director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking,  will answer these questions and more in this unique half-day course.

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Understanding Motivation: Coaches, Athletes, and Academic Support Staff

This week-long set of five 75-minute workshops will explore the mindsets, cultural variables, and interpersonal approaches that are most effective in increasing the motivation of student-athletes.  Although no one can “make” another person motivated, the concepts in these workshops will offer coaches the tools and approaches they need to enhance motivation and engagement. 

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"Today’s leaders must be equipped to solve tough policy challenges. Batten faculty are thought leaders proficient in data-driven, evidence-based leadership and public policy. Their expertise enables and empowers leaders to develop and implement policy, and to innovate and solve critical problems."

Gabrielle Adams
Director of Executive Education / Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Psychology