MPP Curriculum

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Summer: Required Completely Integrated Batten Orientation [August 12-26, 2019].

Two-week summer program designed to strengthen quantitative skills, enhance leadership style, build cohort camaraderie, and provide framework to start Batten studies on the right foot.

Year 1


Economics of Public Policy IResearch Methods and Data Analysis IPsychology for LeadershipPolitics of Public PolicyFoundational Skills Workshop

Economics of Public Policy IIResearch Methods and Data Analysis IIIntroduction to Policy AnalysisLeadership in the Public Arena

Summer: Required 400 hour Policy-based Internship

Year 2

Applied Policy Project IValues-Based Leadership6 Elective CreditsApplied Policy Project II9 Elective Credits

To earn the Master of Public Policy degree, a student must complete 49 credits, consisting of 11 three-credit core courses: 4 analytic courses, 3 leadership courses, 3 experiential courses, and 1 context course, plus the one-credit Foundational Skills Workshop; and 15 elective credits (including three-credit electives, two-credit policy clinics and one-credit short courses). Students must also complete a 400 hour policy based internship in the summer between Year 1 and Year 2 of the program.

Analytic Core (4 three-credit courses + Workshop)Economics of Public Policy I & IIResearch Methods and Data Analysis I & IIFoundational Skills Workshop

Leadership (3 three-credit courses)Leadership in the Public ArenaPsychology for LeadershipValues-Based Leadership

Foundations and Contexts (1 three-credit course)Politics of Public Policy

Experiential (3 three-credit courses)Introduction to Policy AnalysisApplied Policy Project I & II

Electives (15 credits, including three-credit courses, two credit policy clinics and one-credit short courses)Courses on substantive areas of public policy and advanced courses on leadership skills, research methods, institutions, and policy instruments. Pending approval students may take graduate electives in other schools at UVA.

*Classes and course sequence are subject to change* 

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