Applying: Public Policy & Leadership Minor

To be eligible for admission, students must take the following two prerequisites. Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Leadership major program are not eligible.


  • ECON 2010 or equivalent (earning a C or higher)
  • LPPL 3100, PSYC 2600 or equivalent (earning a C or higher) 

Application Deadlines:

Application live online – March 7, 2019

Application deadline – March 22, 2019

Decisions released – April 3, 2019

Decision deadline – April 8, 2019

Additionally, all supplemental materials (e.g. unofficial transcripts and recommendations) must be submitted by the date of the official deadline. Your application may be completed online and submitted electronically once you have answered all the required questions. You do not have to complete the online application in one sitting – you may access your application and change your answers as many times as you like. To do that, use the Username and Password that you created when you first completed the Interest Page and/or started your application.

Collected through the online application

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae. You will be prompted to upload this document in the application system. A word or .pdf document is fine.
  • A personal essay of 500 words answering the questions: “Why do you want to study the minor in public policy and leadership? In other words, what motivates you to apply to this minor program?”
  • Application Addendum (OPTIONAL). There is no penalty for not submitting an application addendum! However, some applicants may have additional information that would be useful for the admissions committee. Feel free to amplify the positive dimensions of your background that are not covered in other parts of this application. Similarly, you may wish to put some seemingly negative information in your application into context for the admissions committee. Please format this application addendum as a letter to the admissions committee, not to exceed one page.
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation. You are required to submit two letters of recommendation. Your recommenders must submit their letters of recommendation via this online application module. There will be more instructions regarding letters of recommendation within the application itself. If you applied to the BA undergraduate program, you will have the option via the online application to submit the same letters.
  • Unofficial SAT or ACT scores must be reported via the online application.
  • Finally, an unofficial copy of all college transcripts should be uploaded to your online application. Should you gain acceptance to the Public Policy and Leadership Minor, we will request an official transcript at that time.