Recipients of the Outstanding Virginian Award

2019        The Honorable W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr. and Mrs. Helen Turner Murphy

2018        The Honorable William J. Howell

2017        Bruce C. Gottwald and Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr.

2016        No recipient

2015        Maestro Lorin V. Maazel and Dietlinde Turban Maazel

2014        Eugene P. Trani

2013        William B. Holtzman

2012        The Honorable John H. Hager

2011        Arthur W. (Nick) Arundel

2010        The Honorable John W. Warner

2009        Charles F. Bryan, Jr. 

2008        Ralph E. Stanley

2007        Senator Mark R. Warner

2006        Daniel P. Jordan

2005        Elizabeth H. Haskell

2004        Lora M. Robins

2003        Oliver W. Hill

2002        John T. Hazel, Jr. and William A. Hazel

2001        Brenton S. Halsey

2000        The Honorable Alson H. Smith, Jr.

1999        Timothy J. Sullivan

1998        Mary P. Mathews

1997        The Honorable Hunter B. Andrews

1996        Sydney and Frances Lewis

1995        The Honorable George M. Cochran IV and Marion Lee Cochran

1994        The Honorable Gerald L. Baliles

1993        John T. Casteen, III

1992        The Honorable A. Linwood Holton

1991        Ronald E. Carrier

1990        The Honorable Harry L. Carrico

1989        The Honorable Dorothy S. McDiarmid

1988        The Honorable John O. Marsh, Jr.

1987        The Honorable Charles S. Robb

1986        James C. Wheat

1985        The Honorable J. Kenneth Robinson

1984        The Honorable Mills E. Godwin, Jr.

1983        The Honorable Harry F. Byrd, Jr.