Published Research

Susan E. Rivers
September 26, 2018
Research | 2018 Proceedings of PICMET '18: Technology Management for Interconnected World

Revitalizing the Yamuna River: Social Entrepreneurship Approaches

Bharat Rao
August 2018
Research | Journal of Politics

Party Calls and Reelection in the US Senate

Ethan Hershberger
William Minozzi
June 20, 2018
Robert Patterson
John Whitworth
May 8, 2018
Dajun Lin
Randall Lutter
April 2018
Armando Franco
Dana Goldman
Daniel McFadden
March 5, 2018
Alan E. Wiseman
Feb 23, 2018
Research | Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Time Preferences and Consumer Behavior

David Bradford
Charles Courtemanche
Garth Heutel
Patrick McAlvanah
January 27, 2018
Dallas Hambrick Hitt
January 24, 2018
Research | Published Research

Leadership in American Politics

Jeffery A. Jenkins
The authors—prominent scholars from the major subfields of American politics—discuss the form and content of leadership in their areas of expertise across the spectrum of American government: the executive, legislative, and judicial branches; political parties; interest groups; bureaucracies; the states; and foreign policymaking. Combining historical, theoretical, and empirical approaches, their essays evaluate the constraints, opportunities, and influence of leadership in each area, as well as the challenges of bridging different realms. At a time when understanding the nature and limits of leadership is more important than ever, this volume lays the groundwork for the systematic study of leadership within and across American political institutions.
Jan 1, 2018