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Research | National Center for the Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research

The Narrowing Gap in New York City Teacher Qualifications and its Implications for Student Achievement in High‐Poverty Schools

Donald Boyd
Hamilton Lankford
Susanna Loeb
Jonah Rockoff
Sep. 1, 2007
Research | Journal of Human Resources

Teachers and the Gender Gaps in Student Achievement

Thomas Dee
A prominent class of explanations for the gender gaps in student outcomes focuses on the interactions between students and teachers.
Donald J. Boyd
Pam Grossman
Hamilton Lankford
Susanna Loeb
Nicholas M. Michelli
April 1, 2006
Donald Boyd
Pamela Grossman
Hamilton Lankford
Susanna Loeb
March 1, 2006
M.A. Morrisey
D.C. Grabowski
T. S. Dee
C. Campbell
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of differentially stringent graduated drivers license programs on teen driver fatalities, day-time and night-time teen driver fatalities, fatalities of teen drivers with passengers present, and fatalities among teen passengers.
Research | International Tax and Public Finance

The Effects of Catholic Schooling on Civic Participation

Thomas Dee
In this study, I examine the comparative effects of Catholic and public high schools on adult voter participation and volunteering in the United States. I find that students who attended Catholic high schools are actually more likely to vote, though not volunteer, as adults.
September 2005
Research | American Economic Review

A Teacher Like Me: Does Race, Ethnicity or Gender Matter?

Thomas Dee
Research | Journal of Health Economics

Graduated Driver Licensing and Teen Traffic Fatalities

Dee Thomas
David C. Grabowski
Michael A. Morrisey
In this study, we present evidence on whether these restrictions have been effective in reducing traffic fatalities among teens.
Dee Thomas
There is little direct evidence on the widely held view that school districts spend too few of available resources on student instruction. I find evidence of such an expense preference by assessing the effect of competition from private schools on the allocation of resources by school districts.
C. L. M. Keyes
J. Haidt
Psychology has made great strides in understanding mental illness, but how much has it learned about mental health?
December 2003
John Bound
The end of World War II brought a flood of returning veterans to America's colleges and universities.
Oct. 1, 2002
Research | NBER Working Papers 9229, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc

Napsterizing Pharmaceuticals: Access, Innovation, and Welfare

James W. Hughes
Michael J. Moore
Edward A. Snyder
We analyze the effects on consumers of an extreme policy experiment -- Napsterizing' pharmaceuticals -- whereby all patent rights on branded prescription drugs are eliminated for both existing and future prescription drugs without compensation to the patent holders.