Batten Hour: with Shane McKibben

Nov. 15, 2017, 10:00 a.m.

Shane McKibben is the National Outreach Specialist with FairVote. He was born and raised on the Space Coast of Florida and attended the University of Florida, where he began studying Materials Science and Engineering with the goal of pursuing solar energy research. Somewhere between living in Gainesville and the US Virgin Islands, however, he recognized that the climate crisis would not be solved with solely technological solutions and resolved to rededicate himself to political work. He joined the Bernie Sanders campaign at Burlington, VT’s headquarters as a field organizer for the New Hampshire Out-of-State team and, after brief stints in Nevada and Illinois, became a National Out-of-State Lead Organizer. Later, he organized with the Maine Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign and the Maine State Employees Association. With FairVote, he seeks to develop and empower communities around the country to bring ranked choice voting to their local, state, and national elections.