Poverty Simulations (Fall 2017)

Oct. 28, 2017, 10:00 a.m.

Could you survive a month in poverty?

Find out at the

Poverty Simulation
October 28, 2017
10:00AM-2:00 PM
Aquatic & Fitness Center

This unique and powerful experience is an interactive simulation of real issues in our community and country.  As a participant, you will assume the burdens experienced by low-income families.  You could be a working single parent trying to care for your young children or a senior citizen trying to maintain your self-sufficiency on a too-low fixed income.  Those are just two of the scenarios you might face.  The task: keep a roof over your head and pay your bills.  To do that, you will need to interact with human service agencies, schools, employers, pawn shops, payday lenders, and the health system.

Although the PovSim uses “play” money, props, fictional scenarios, and time limits, this is not a game.  It is a simulation that enables participants to view poverty from different angles in an experiential setting.  The PovSim provides dynamic and useful insights to the stresses endured by familes who live in poverty.  The PovSim has been conducted several times at Batten by Professor Jeanine Braithwaite and the Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming.  Batten students have rated it very favorably as an experience.

While the PovSim is required for PPOL 3250 and 5325 students, we do have space for other Batten students to participate.  Coffee, Breakfast and Lunch provided. 


To attend: Please email Kristine Nelson by Wednesday Oct 25th at 4 pm if you are interested in finding out whether you could survive a month of poverty.