May 5, 2017

Two Batten Students Receive Fulbright Award

Two Batten School students, Hayley Anderson and Samantha Merritt, were recently awarded the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Award, which allows them to teach or conduct research around the world. They are among twelve UVA students and alumni to receive the award.  Anderson and Merritt were recognized for their exceptional commitment to service, leadership, and academic achievement.

Fulbright students go on to serve around the world in a variety of capacities, including as English teaching assistants, in research positions, or to pursue a masters degree or other opportunities. The award allows students to pick the country and program they apply to, affording them a unique global learning experience.

Hayley Anderson will be headed to Brazil, where she will be working as an English Teaching Assistant. She is looking forward to the relative flexibility of the ETA program that will give her more time for community involvement.

“Brazil places you in a federal university, and the students are normally very affluent … so what I really want to do outside of my teaching is go into more less advantaged communities and have Fulbright be a way that I could get involved in after-school programs or the Jewish community, which I’ve been involved with here,” Anderson says.

Samantha Merritt received the Master’s Degree Award and will attend Yonsei University in Seoul to pursue a master’s in Korean Studies. Merritt lived in Korea for several years growing up and visits often. She is excited to focus on South Korea’s role as a critical partner for peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Merritt encourages others to apply for the Award, “I would say go for it… It was a long, but worthwhile process.”