• Batten Class of 2015 walk the Lawn

    Ready for the World

    Batten School graduates are ready to lead from day one. We train our students to be agents of change to promote a better society. Coursework in psychology, economics and other disciplines play a role in developing essential decision-making skills.
  • Batten School students visit Capitol Hill

    Real World Experience

    Batten School students do not only study public policy, they interact with the nation's policy makers and affect policy in their communities. Professor Gerry Warburg's MPP class visits with legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill.
  • Associate Professor Christine Mahoney in the classroom

    Inspired Learning

    Our innovative approach to public policy has attracted some of the best scholar-practitioners in political science, psychology, law, history and economics. They’re driven by policy issues and eager to abandon academic silos. They’re published and accomplished, a combination of the sharpest minds at U.Va., as well as some of the best research institutions in the country.
  • Batten MPP students outside of Garrett Hall

    Batten Community

    At Batten, you’ll join stellar faculty and driven students at one of the nation’s top “public ivy” universities. Whether you’re in the MPP program, an undergraduate in the accelerated MPP track or a pioneer in a dual degree program, you’ll graduate ready to lead from day one.

Batten News

A new practice is spreading across the country that allows private, public and government sectors to come together to help their community. This process, called Pay for Success (PFS), an innovative way of funding proven interventions. PFS allows service providers who assist under-privileged communities to have their upfront costs covered by private investors, the project is then monitored and measured to see if it achieves its goal outcomes.

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Professor Chou Writes in the New York Times on Power

New York Times (by Adam Waytz, Eileen Chou, Joe Magee and Adam Galinsky)

Folk wisdom tells us it’s lonely at the top. This makes intuitive sense: To occupy the sole position atop a hierarchy, to have the sole authority for tough decisions nobody else wants to (or can) make, and to bear the sole responsibility for the consequences of those decisions is, almost by definition, to be alone. Power implies isolation.

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With this year’s hurricane season beginning in June, researchers are looking to see if people follow disaster preparedness advice.

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Tanzania's elementary school enrollment rate has risen in recent years, but now experts are taking a close look at the quality of education. As Batten Professor Isaac Mbiti found, only one of five third grade students can read at a second grade level and less than a third could pass a simple math test designed for second graders.

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