• Associate Professor Christine Mahoney in the classroom

    Inspired Learning

    Our innovative approach to public policy has attracted some of the best scholar-practitioners in political science, psychology, law, history and economics. They’re driven by policy issues and eager to abandon academic silos. They’re published and accomplished, a combination of the sharpest minds at U.Va., as well as some of the best research institutions in the country.
  • Batten School students visit Capitol Hill

    Real World Experience

    Batten School students do not only study public policy, they interact with the nation's policy makers. Professor Gerry Warburg's MPP class recently visited with legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill.
  • Garrett Hall, University of Virginia

    Make a Difference

    Social entrepreneurship is an approach to creating system-level change through the application of entrepreneurial thinking to social ventures, non-profit organizations, government institutions and NGOs to create economic, environmental and social value for multiple stakeholders.
  • Professor Eileen Chou speaks with students

    Batten Community

    At Batten, you’ll join stellar faculty and driven students at one of the nation’s top “public ivy” universities. Whether you’re in the MPP program, an undergraduate in the accelerated MPP track or a pioneer in a dual degree program, you’ll graduate ready to lead from day one.

Batten News

PAUL SOLMAN:  Teacher Michelle Alcoser was back in the classroom only five-and-a-half weeks after having son Sebastian. That’s all the time she could afford.

MICHELLE ALCOSER:  When I first came back, he was still only sleeping about 90 minutes at a time, and having the time to sleep and handle all of the additional workload that comes with that was a logistical challenge.

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On Wednesday, Feb. 11, the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy will host the nation’s first Director of National Intelligence and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Negroponte. Ambassador Negroponte will engage Batten MPP students and undergraduates on key international policy challenges, and students will be able to probe one of the most respected U.S. policymakers of his generation. The discussion will take place at 12:00 p.m. in Garrett Great Hall.

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Impact Business Leaders (IBL), a company dedicated to building the social enterprise sector, announced the launch of their IBL@U.Va.

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This fall, nearly 8,000 people applied to the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF). At the University of Virginia, 12 students were selected as semi-finalists, 10 of whom are from the Batten School. A very prestigious opportunity, the PMF is a two-year program meant to attract top minds to federal service.

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