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Due to limited data, it has been difficult to convincingly test the impacts of government policies on the quantity and geography of gunfire.
Timothy K.M. Beatty
Richard J. Volpe
This paper explores bottled water sales before, during, and after tropical cyclones.
Spatial models of policymaking have evolved from the median voter theorem through the inclusion of institutional considerations such as political parties, committees, and various voting and amendment rules.
While there have been dramatic increases in provision of and participation in full-day kindergarten, there is little evidence on the impact and cost-effectiveness of such programs and policies, particularly as compared to other types of investments in early childhood.
The conventional wisdom is that the U.S. Congress is not well-structured to do policy analysis.
The purpose of this paper is to describe proposals for reform of low-income housing assistance that will alleviate poverty without increasing public spending.
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Enforcement spillovers

We explore mechanisms driving enforcement spillovers - when sanctions at one entity influence behavior at other entities.