MPP student Margaret Anderson co-wrote "A Courageous Fool: Marie Deans and Her Struggle against the Death Penalty," published by Vanderbilt University Press. (photo by Jack Looney)
Feb. 5, 2018
“This is an extremely serious crisis,” said Batten's Christopher Ruhm. “We need a comprehensive strategy to alert people to the risks of these drugs, in much the same way we have done with the dangers of smoking.” (photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Jan. 26, 2018
"We are building a community that is tolerant and compassionate, that celebrates diversity, that is gritty, curious and resilient." — Batten School Dean Allan C. Stam, Spring 2018 State of the School Address
Jan. 23, 2018
"This has been an important time in national security, and there has been a lot of rethinking going on in the context of the Trump administration in terms of what the U.S.’s posture should look like, what our strategy should look like, where we should be making investments, and all those sorts of things." — Philip Potter, Director of Batten's National Security Policy Center
Jan. 19, 2018
"We need to understand affordable housing as nothing less than a human and civil rights issue." — Stefano Rumi, fourth-year student minoring in Social Entrepreneurship and a Senior Research Fellow at Batten's Pay for Success Innovation Lab.
Jan. 18, 2018
Batten's Chris Ruhm shows that the opioid epidemic in the United States more likely has been driven by drug availability than by the despair of people using the drugs. (map courtesy U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Jan. 12, 2018
Batten students helped Gov.-Elect Dr. Ralph Northam in his transition to Virginia's highest office. "...that work from the time (when a candidate is) elected to the time that they’re inaugurated…is critical to getting off on the right foot," said Ray Scheppach, Professor of Public Policy.
Jan. 12, 2018
Batten's Jennifer Doleac "is one of the handful of social scientists in the United States closely studying the practical and ethical questions of extending automation into public decision-making." (photo illustration courtesy of Justin Metz)
Jan. 8, 2018
Batten's Craig Volden, co-director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, has shown a significant drop in the number of truly effective Senate lawmakers. The departure of Senator Orrin Hatch furthers that decline. (photo courtesy of office of Sen. Hatch)
Jan. 5, 2018
Diane D’Costa will graduate in the spring as the first student to double-major in the Batten School and the Curry School of Education, studying both Leadership and Public Policy and Youth and Social Innovation.
Dec. 18, 2017
"Resilience is an essential element of leadership, and it’s a critical skill for students to develop at UVA." — UVA President Teresa Sullivan
Dec. 12, 2017
"I think that we're going to see the growth of more and more clinics where health services are being provided in the CVS footprint geographically." — Dr. Michael Williams, Director of the UVA Center for Health Policy, a joint program of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Department of Public Health Sciences.
Dec. 5, 2017