Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley will speak at the University of Virginia on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 5:30 p.m.
Nov. 30, 2015
The Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes) is regarded as the top university in the Colombia and is listed in the top 10 for all of Latin America.
Nov. 23, 2015
Professor Eileen Chou in the classroom
Professor Eileen Chou talks about what makes the Batten community unique and shares one of her favorite class exercises.
Nov. 20, 2015
Volden explains the relationship between his work with the Legislative Effectiveness Project and his Research Methods course.
Nov. 20, 2015
John Negroponte engaged Batten MPP students and undergraduates on key international policy challenges.
Nov. 20, 2015
Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke at the University of Virginia about the 2016 Presidential Campaign and the economic growth agenda.
Nov. 20, 2015
Professor Gerry Warburg interviews former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers.
Nov. 19, 2015
Assistant Professor Jennifer Doleac discusses her new paper coming from The Review of Economics and Statistics on the Brookings Institute blog.
Nov. 17, 2015
James Wyckoff receives the 2015 Raymond Vernon Memorial Award from the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM).
Nov. 17, 2015
MPP student Blake Foster is among a select group of students to receive a UVA Environmental Resilience & Sustainability Fellowship, which provides funding for her thesis project to map food systems in Charlottesville.
Nov. 17, 2015
Former Congressmen Tom Davis (R-VA) and Martin Frost (D-TX) discussed the nature of partisan politics in modern elections, the 2016 cycle and their book, "The Partisan Divide."
Nov. 10, 2015
Mahoney, author of “Brussels vs. the Beltway: Advocacy in the United States and the European Union,” said Americans arriving in Brussels quickly adapt to a slower, more consensual approach to policymaking, in which the scuttling of legislation is not an option.
Nov. 2, 2015