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2020 Employment Outcomes

Global Impact

At Batten, we prepare ethical, enlightened policy leaders to turn their passions into action. Our Career Services team is committed to helping students build the professional foundation they need to become the purpose-driven leaders the world demands. We encourage students to seek meaningful career experiences, and we connect them with opportunities reflective of their skills and aspirations, whether at the local, state, federal, or international level. 

With a holistic approach that includes resume reviews, career events, mock interviews, career coaching, and offer-negotiation assistance, we provide comprehensive services that empower students to confidently pursue their career goals. We are likewise actively engaged on the other side of the process — working hand-in-hand with employers to facilitate partnerships and meaningful networking opportunities.

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A Launchpad for Leaders

Graduates of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy are in high demand. They’re recruited aggressively by government agencies, from the intelligence community to Congress, public interest groups and NGOs, and by private-sector employers from consulting firms to global investment agencies. Whether pursuing a fellowship overseas or influencing federal legislation on Capitol Hill, our graduates boast an exceptionally high — and diverse — rate of employment. Students emerge from the Batten School as purpose-driven leaders with relentless curiosity and an unwavering commitment to solving society’s most pressing problems.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy & Leadership

Through Batten's rigorous and multidisciplinary curriculum, I was able to translate my education into my interests in government, social justice and racial equity.

— Brian Zuluaga (BA ’20)
Associate, Centre for Public Impact
91% Employed
Chart for Bachelor of Arts

Class of 2020 Employment Numbers

91% of BA Graduates secured a position within six months of graduation.

BA Sample Employers
Average Salary - $63, 180.61
Average Signing Bonus - $7,156.25
Bachelor of Arts Employment Locations Map
Other BA Locations

Master of Public Policy

The ability to personalize my course of study while at Batten empowered me to explore what I really wanted out of a graduate education.

— Madeline Roth (MPP ’20)
Program Specialist, USAID’s Africa Bureau
91% Percentage Employed
MPP Industry Breakdown

Class of 2020 Employment Numbers

91% of MPP Graduates secured a position within six months of graduation.

MPP Sample Employers
MPP Other Locations