Batten Ambassadors

Building the Batten Community

Our dedicated team of undergraduate and graduate Batten Ambassadors work with prospective applicants as they consider whether or not Batten is the right place to sharpen their skills. Ambassadors meet regularly with prospective applicants and Batten leadership to make the student perspective heard and offer counsel on ways to improve the school experience. Ambassadors are available for lunch and coffee chats, participate in information sessions, and provide guidance around the programs current students are passionate about pursuing. From prerequisites and curricula to the classroom experience and beyond, they're a well-equipped resource no matter your question.  

students at graduation

Batten Ambassador: Adeline Sandridge (BA '19)

"Batten has meant more to me than I can describe — this place and these people, will always hold a special place in my heart. To future Batten students and those just newly admitted: treasure every second in this program."