Dual Degrees

dual degrees
Dual Degrees - Cloned

Double the Ambition. Double the Influence.

Our dual-degree programs, forged in the spirit of collaboration and tenacity, allow students to spend less time earning multiple degrees and more time putting their multidisciplinary knowledge into action. For each program listed below, prospective students must apply to both schools and be accepted through the standard admissions process of each.


In collaboration with the University of Virginia’s School of Law, this program equips students with the uncommon analytical skills and practical knowledge necessary to drive policy initiatives through the lens of a law background.

A partnership with the Darden School of Business, this program prepares students to steer public-private partnerships and move seamlessly between the worlds of business and government.

This partnership with the Curry School of Education can be completed in as little as five years. Students graduate with a PhD in education policy and a Master in Public policy, not to mention the unmatched skill set of a reform-minded leader.

Our collaboration with the School of Medicine prepares graduates for exciting careers that drive significant change at the intersection of health and public policy.

In collaboration with the School of Architecture, this program establishes well-rounded knowledge in public policy with an emphasis on urban and environmental planning.