Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

Policy Analysis. Amplified Results.

At Batten, we are committed to solving the world’s toughest policy and leadership challenges. This certificate provides vigorous training in the core competencies needed for public policy research and analysis to help inform effective programming and interventions, as well as skills for navigating the politics of public policy. Students leave the program prepared to identify and analyze the key policy problem or issue to be addressed; identify and analyze the political processes through which policy is made; evaluate and construct realistic policy alternatives; and clearly communicate policy analysis and recommendations, orally and in writing.  

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy provides students with specific knowledge and skills in public policy research and analysis. Students gain expertise in public policy research methods, quantitative assessment strategies, and evidence-based decision making. Students learn to forecast impacts of new policy proposals, and anticipate and address problems, deficiencies, or complications before they occur. Graduates are able to design and conduct sound public policy research to inform effective programming and interventions.  

The curriculum provides foundation in the knowledge and skills required in public policy. Core coursework provides specific background and education in key facets of public policy and the political arena. Students learn to analyze and navigate the economic, political, and social issues that surface in public policy. Finally, students have the opportunity to collaborate within a team and apply the knowledge and skills they have obtained to a real-life policy analysis.  

Eligible Applicants

Students with an undergraduate degree by the time of matriculation.

Admissions Contact 

Jeff Chidester 
Executive Director of External Affairs 

Fall 2024 Semester Application Deadline

Application Deadline: August 1, 2024 
Decisions Released: Rolling Basis 
Deposit Deadline: August 8, 2024

Spring 2025 Semester Application Deadline

Application Deadline: January 1, 2025
Decisions Released: Rolling Basis 
Deposit Deadline: January 8, 2025



A key virtue of a public policy certificate from Batten is that it teaches students how the politics of public policy shape our everyday lives. Students will learn unique lessons on how to work within the political constraints faced in public policymaking, identify the key stakeholders in this domain, and better understand how political institutions shape what ultimately gets made into public policy. 

John Holbein
Associate Professor of Public Policy, Politics, and Education

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