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As the landscape of public policy evolves, so must those who strive to influence it. Our BattenX executive education and lifelong learning programs facilitate exactly that: growth, cross-sector collaboration, and critical self-analysis at every career level.    We stand distinguished by committing to a hyper-focus on value-centered leadership that's designed to challenge assumptions, sharpen capabilities, and induce transformative, tangible results.

BattenX programs are an extension of Batten into the world of practitioners, policy-makers, executives, and lifelong learners. These programs serve as a convening place to explore new, innovative, and difficult topics in leadership and public policy.

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There are no upcoming Batten X Courses at this time. Please check back for our future offerings.

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Professor Bala Mulloth has been awarded 2023-24 grant funding from the Jefferson Trust, which makes grants to innovative ideas that enrich the University of Virginia and the student experience, for the Changemaker Bootcamp. Through skill development, networking, mentorship, and resource access, social entrepreneurial minded students will gain experience planning, developing, and building a new social venture in this week-long program. 

To be scheduled at a future date
Sept 20, Oct 18, & Nov 15, 2023

With advances in technology and the increased participation in new media platforms, engagement between leaders in both the public and private sectors has become a necessary task. However, few have been trained to execute this critical role effectively. 

May 12-13, 2022

Leaders within nonprofit organizations experience unique challenges when it comes to developing people and building community. Technical expertise and content knowledge matter, but excellence in developing people allows nonprofit leaders to build inclusive, healthy and sustainable organizations and programs. “Coaching for Success,” an intensive two-day workshop hosted in partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, will set nonprofit leaders on the path to establishing the core coaching competencies that are most effective in developing people and achieving organizational objectives.

October 29, 2021

We know that policy should be based on data, but how do we go about transforming data into policy? What does the path from data to policy look like? And what does it mean for policy to be driven by data? The purpose of this program is to help participants gain fluency in the fundamentals of policy research: understanding causality, combating biases in data collection and analysis, accounting for different interpretations of data, and—most importantly—how data can become policy.