Career Services

Our job? Advancing yours.

Our Career Services team is committed to helping students make judicious, tactical decisions their professional development long after graduation.

Batten students and alumni alike procure an array of unique internships and positions, ranging from local legislature to transformative international research. Through a fusion of resume reviews, mock interviews, career coaching, and offer-negotiation assistance, we armor students with everything they need to confidently pursue their goals.  

What’s more, we assist applicants from the other side of the process—working hand-in-hand with employers to facilitate progress and meaningful networking opportunities.


Batten Student Portal

Entry to this university-wide hub means access to a number of career resources and tools.


Where students go to explore career opportunities with great companies and employers go to connect with impressive candidates.

UVA Career Center

Take advantage of UVA’s counseling, exploration workshops, and industry-tailored career communities.

My Batten experience—and the staff and professors with whom I studied and worked—all helped me to better define my interests and decide exactly what it was that I wanted to do.

Makayla Palazzo (MPP ‘18)
Assessment Officer, IMPACT Initiatives