Graduate Certificate in Public Leadership

Developing the Next Generation of Public Leaders 

At Batten, we are committed to solving the world’s toughest policy and leadership challenges. This certificate provides vigorous training in the core competencies needed to practice public sector leadership. Students leave the program prepared to examine and differentiate foundational ideas of the social-psychological approach to leadership; identify barriers and develop strategies for implementing leadership objectives; select and apply key leadership and influence skills; and communicate clearly to broad audiences to influence behavior, both orally and in writing.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Leadership educates and trains students in the theory and practice of leadership in the public sector, providing a firm foundation in academic theory as well as key perspectives and emerging trends in leadership. By applying knowledge and skills in message framing and the psychology of persuasion, graduates can ensure that their ideas are heard and have sustained impact. 

The curriculum provides a foundation in the knowledge and skills required in ethical, evidence-based leadership and decision making. The core courses provide students with the ability to consider biases and heuristics that lead to poor decisions and how decision making can be improved; understand leadership as a fundamentally interpersonal interaction, with a focus on the dynamics of power and how great communication patterns can be fostered; and navigate the difficult conversations that public sector leaders must have, with a focus on power, hierarchy, and the dynamics of conflict and organizational politics.  

Eligible Applicants

Students with an undergraduate degree by the time of matriculation.

Admissions Contact 

Jeff Chidester 
Executive Director of External Affairs 

Fall 2024 Semester Application Deadline

Application Deadline: August 1, 2024
Decisions Released: Rolling Basis 
Deposit Deadline: August 8, 2024

Spring 2025 Semester Application Deadline

Application Deadline: January 1, 2025
Decisions Released: Rolling Basis 
Deposit Deadline: January 8, 2025

Our greatest challenges right now are collective. But the ability to respond collectively is also our greatest strength. In the public leadership program, you will develop the skills to contribute to, and even help lead, that collective response.

Solving problems, creatively and collectively, is as valuable now as ever before. Pursuing the public leadership certificate will help you develop the skills to identify the most important problems, propose broader sets of responses, and craft mutually acceptable paths to progress.

Benjamin Converse
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Psychology

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