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Showcasing Applied Policy Projects of New Alums

At the Batten School, we are preparing the next generation of leaders who will help address the world’s greatest challenges throughout their careers at the local, state, national or global level. 

Batten’s Applied Policy Project (APP) is the capstone project for our Master of Public Policy program, providing second-year graduate students with the opportunity to apply their leadership and policy analysis skills to real-world problems. Over the year, they work alongside organizations and agencies to tackle a wide range of issues across sectors, industries, geographic locations and affected populations, resulting in actionable recommendations.  

This three-part series celebrates the MPP Class of 2024 and highlights the power of collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to addressing complex societal challenges. The focus areas featured in this series—education, the environment, and global issues—were prevalent across this year’s diverse set of APPs and represent some of the most pressing issues facing our society.  

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