Batten Expert Chats: “Challenges to the Internationalization of Higher Education: The Case of Taiwan” with Harry Harding and Syaru Shirley Lin

The world is global, but politics is still local. In the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats, two foreign policy experts will discuss the struggles of advanced societies to produce more global citizens by internationalizing their education systems. Using higher education in Taiwan as a case study, Syaru Shirley Lin, Compton Visiting Professor at the Miller Center, and Harry Harding, founding dean of the Batten School and professor of public policy, will speak and take questions on the obstacles countries face as they attempt to send more students abroad, welcome more foreign students and faculty, and promote the use of English. It’s a goal most Taiwanese endorse, but it’s far easier said than done.

When it comes to higher education, how can countries build stronger international relationships? And what does it mean to do so during a global pandemic? Join the conversation on Zoom.

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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