Batten Expert Chats: "Scoring Effectiveness in Congress" with Craig Volden and Alan Wiseman

What constitutes an effective lawmaker? The discourse around members of Congress once focused solely on party affiliations, but the legislative effectiveness scores developed by the Center for Effective Lawmaking, a joint venture between the Batten School and Vanderbilt University, are adding a new dimension to the conversation. For the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats, CEL co-directors Craig Volden and Alan Wiseman will speak and take questions on the origins of the scores they developed, what they mean for our political system, and how they’re currently being used. Join the conversation on Zoom.

On Friday, August 14, Volden and Wiseman will headline the next BattenX module: “Moving Issues Forward in Congress.” This half-day course, scheduled from 11am to 2pm, will examine how legislation is changed and the future of effective legislatures. For more information, including how to participate, please visit the course registration page.

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Craig Volden