Batten Expert Chats: “How Has Online Learning During COVID-19 Impacted Academic Performance?” with Ben Castleman

In one of the most abrupt upheavals in the history of American education, schools across the country have responded to COVID-19 by shifting to online instruction. How has this affected the millions of students now taking classes virtually? 

Batten professor Ben Castleman, along with his collaborators Gaby Lohner and Kelli Bird from the UVA School of Education and Human Development, will take on this question in the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats. In a new study, Lohner, Bird, and Castleman, who is also the director of UVA’s Nudge4 Solutions Lab, are investigating how online instruction has affected academic performance for Virginia community college students. The researchers will speak and take questions on their findings. They’ll also discuss the implications during a time when colleges and universities are debating whether to continue making their courses remote.

Join the conversation on Zoom.

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