Batten Expert Chats: "Learning From Tragedy - Lessons of August 2017 and Beyond" with Ian Solomon and Risa Goluboff

In August 2017, white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville and the University of Virginia for the Unite the Right rally, now familiar to people around the world. Rally attendees met counter-protestors in a violent clash that killed a peaceful protestor. UVA and Charlottesville were caught unprepared. On the third anniversary of this event, Batten’s dean, Ian Solomon, will speak with Risa Goluboff, dean of the UVA School of Law, and take questions from the audience. As chair of the Deans Working Group, Dean Goluboff led efforts to assess the University’s response to the rally and make recommendations for change.

Three years later, where do we stand? In the midst of two global crises—one specifically concerning racial equity and justice—what lessons can we apply to the events of today? Join the conversation on Zoom.


Garrett Hall at Sunset

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