Students on past Dominica Field Experience

Dominica Field Experience Information Session

The UVA field experience in Dominica offers students the opportunity to explore social entrepreneurship and sustainable development on one of the most beautiful small island developing states in the Caribbean. This 3-credit class will run from May 15 - May 28, 2022. This course presents how local resources and policy are used to promote social entrepreneurship to sustain growth and economic activity. 

This is a multi-disciplinary experience blending field visits to offer students exposure to a diversity of local enterprises with an emphasis on those with successful and innovative social components. Visits will include organic farms, ocean fishing cooperatives, local manufacturing facilities (coffee, tea, essential oils, etc.), sustainable tourism, and cargo transportation. In addition to site visits, guest lectures will be offered by Dominican social entrepreneurs as well as government officials.

Students will not only learn from numerous live case studies but will also be invited to help problem solve and use critical thinking skills to explore alternative approaches in addressing local challenges with entrepreneurs and government representatives.

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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