Enriching the B-School Classroom by Partnering with Socially Innovative Enterprises

This AACSB International webinar, sponsored and presented by SAGE Publishing, focused on the growing importance of social enterprises and how educators can build connections with these companies to enrich the business curriculum for their students. In this session, Professors Bala Mulloth and María Ballesteros-Sola discussed approaches to both building bridges from the classroom to the enterprises as how to leverage these relationships to help create impactful curriculum, such as case studies, from these relationships.

The webinar included:
• How creating strong connections with industry can directly provide students with experiential learning opportunities that reach beyond the traditional classroom and curriculum.
• In-depth examples of faculty and students building relationships with businesses—local and beyond.
• How developing case studies and other curricular materials can help clarify lessons learned from these partnerships and help inspire other students who do not have direct access to these learning opportunities.

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Bala Mulloth

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