Gender-based Violence in the 21st Century: Exploring the Social Systems that Shape the Female Experience

Women and non-binary individuals experience collective and consistent trauma at the hands of our patriarchal systems. Compounding this are various other systems of oppression (racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.) that create unique, harmful, and disruptive experiences for women at the intersection of various social identities. Incidents of violence against women and non-binary individuals permeate our own very neighborhoods, organizations, and communities right here at UVA. 

The Equity Collaborative, Women in Policy, and Batten Graduate Council invite all students to attend a dinner and dialogue exploring the social construction and perpetuation of gender-based violence and injustices that 21st century women and non-binary individuals confront. We hope to empower meaningful conversation about the socialization and internalization of oppressive gender-norms that fundamentally impact our policy-making ability within the Batten community and beyond. We will be joined by Lisa Speidel, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies, and Gabe Adams, Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the Batten School to unpack learned socializations and norms that result in cycles of gender based violence and discuss the ways in which culture and power hierarchies can exacerbate gender-based oppression. 

All students are encouraged and welcome to attend and bring friends, as this issue impacts us all, even if you are unfamiliar with this policy area and only comfortable listening at this time. Please join us for dinner catered by Pearl Island to spark this critical conversation. 

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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