The Political Economy of Haiti with Robert Fatton Jr.

Join the Batten School and One for the World for a discussion on the political economy of Haiti with Robert Fatton Jr., the Julia A. Cooper Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs in UVA's Department of Politics. Professor Fatton will be speaking about Haiti’s neoliberalism. He will analyze the development of the “NGO Republic,” the failure of foreign assistance, and the collapse of the Haitian state. This context of institutional decay has resulted in alarming levels of inequality and poverty and generated a zero-sum politics in which public authorities use their office to enrich themselves and their clients. Now the country is facing a systemic crisis threatening the state itself. The lecture will include a discussion of possible constructive solutions.

One for the World is an organization that serves to educate about global extreme poverty and motivate students to pledge to donate 1% of their post-graduate incomes to a portfolio of thoroughly vetted and analyzed charities tackling the issue.  Each semester, their organization invites speakers to discuss topics including global poverty, international development, effective altruism and other areas of focus

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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