Public Service Week Batten Hour: Alumni in Public Service

Graduates of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy form a vibrant network of purpose-driven servant-leaders committed to solving the world’s toughest policy challenges. Our alumni enter the workforce as collaborative catalysts, dedicated to serving the greater good and ready to lead diverse communities to positive, lasting change. Their Batten education prepares them for various careers in public service—from nonprofits and public interest groups, to research institutions and think tanks, to government and the private sector—at the local, state, federal and international level.

In honor of UVA’s Public Service Week, please join us for a panel discussion featuring Batten alumni who are committed to serving our democracy through careers in public service. The conversation will be moderated by Dean Ian Solomon. The panel will include Batten alumni Grace Glover Eckel (BA '14), Aaron Chafetz (MPP '13), Dana Ganpath Laurens (MPP '10), and Preethi Varma (BA '14).

More on the panelists:

Grace Glover Eckel - Senior Budget and Policy Analyst at Colorado Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting

Aaron Chafetz - Senior Economist at USAID

Dana Ganpath Laurens - National Deputy Director for Advocacy, Policy Engagement, and Partnerships at Education Reform Now

Preethi Varma - Partnership and Volunteer Engagement Manager at America Needs You

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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