Socially Responsible Investing for UVA Employees

Systemic challenges -- like racism, sexism, climate change, and more -- require systemic solutions. Unfortunately, many people feel lost when it comes to influencing change through our economic systems. There are many ways to “put your money where your values are,” and this virtual event will focus on helping UVA employees explore ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) fund options for their retirement investments. This webinar aims to serve as a “how-to” that will help interested employees overcome barriers from not understanding their UVA benefits to feeling uncertain about how to pick the right mix of investment options.

Panel of experts:
Christine Mahoney, Public Policy Professor and Director of Social Entrepreneurship at UVA
Dave King, Retirement Account Manager from UVA Human Resources
Barry Schmitt, Retirement Consultant from CAPTRUST

**Optional pre-session from 3:30-4:00 will be a basic refresher with a retirement benefits counsellor that covers your vendor choice options and matching thresholds. Especially if you aren’t sure which retirement vendors you are participating with, consider attending the pre-session.**

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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