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To accelerate our institution in the direction of positive impact and professional prosperity, we need industry leaders and dedicated alumni at the helm. Each of our boards emboldens the Batten vision in a different way and elevates our overall visibility in the process.

Foundation Board gathered together standing on the steps in front of Garrett Hall

Foundation Advisory Board

This vibrant board of industry leaders helps to strengthen the link between the School and the world our students seek to influence, as well as guide the fiduciary responsibilities for the Batten Foundation. Board members work to broaden philanthropic opportunities for the Foundation, connect the school to innovative entrepreneurs and real-world policymakers, and serve as a resource for practical engagement and talent development.

The Board is composed of four committees that amplify the school’s philanthropic impact. The Executive Committee, Development Committee, Batten X, and Mentoring and Careers.

Alumni Advisory Board

Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board facilitates dynamic communication between the Batten School and its ever-expanding global network of change agents.

Those well-cultivated alumni connections allow us to maintain an inclusive community, pinpoint areas that require improvement, and provide students with exciting career opportunities.