Batten's Malcolm Brogdon Launches Brogdon Family Foundation

Following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, former Virginia men’s basketball player Malcolm Brogdon protested with peers in the streets of Atlanta. The Indiana Pacers guard is taking his frequent social justice and charitable efforts a step further with the creation of the Brogdon Family Foundation.

The foundation, which Brogdon announced Tuesday, was created to “positively impact the lives of children, families and communities globally through strategic investments in clean water infrastructure, education, and advocacy for the civil and human rights of all,” according to the Brogdon Family Foundation website.

When it comes to social justice efforts, the foundation’s website says Brogdon will continue working toward advancing reform in the U.S. criminal justice system.

In addition to that work, two main projects headline the creation of the foundation. One of those is the JHA Education Project, which is named after Brogdon’s grandfather, John Hurst Adams.

Adams, a former college president, was active in social justice reform. He became friends with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the two attended demonstrations together. Brogdon’s grandfather also spent time as a pastor and bishop during his impactful life.

The JHA Education Project partners with schools in the Indianapolis area to help provide educational experiences designed to help children thrive. These experiences include literacy and mentoring programs, high-impact educational experiences and infrastructure rehabilitation of basketball courts. Brogdon wants to repair existing courts and build others to give students chances to play the game he loves.

While the initiative is currently limited to the Indianapolis area, Brogdon plans on spreading the efforts across the country and eventually globally.

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