Ruhm Speaks at Department of Labor Symposium


On September 9th, the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, in collaboration with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy and Chief Evaluation Office, hosted a Paid Family and Medical Leave Findings Symposium. The three hour event took place in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Great Hall in Washington, D.C.

Professor Christopher Ruhm presented his research at the symposium, leading the conversation on “Long-term Effects of Paternity Leave in California,” along with Jane Waldfogel and Ann Bartel of Columbia University, and Maya Rossin-Slater and Jenna Stearns of UC-Santa Barbara.

The conclusion of their findings, which they shared with audience members consisting of advocates, policy makers and legislators, suggests that such laws as California’s Paid Family Leave (PFL) “can be a win-win—providing welcome support for employees and their families, without posing an undue burden on employers” and “provides useful lessons for the rest of the nation.” This research plays a role in determining the future for paid family leave policies in the U.S., which was the ultimate goal and theme of the symposium.

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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