Two Batten Students Elected to Top Leadership Positions

Batten student leaders elected.
Valentina Mendoza Gonzalez, incoming Student Council president and third-year Batten student; Ian Novak, Batten graduate student and the next Honor Committee vice chair for the graduate community. 

Valentina Mendoza Gonzalez, incoming Student Council president and third-year Batten student, plans to improve the student body’s engagement with the Student Council by making its services more accessible and rebuilding relationships with underrepresented Contracted Independent Organizations during her term. In an entrance interview with The Cavalier Daily, she stated her intent to pay student leaders and said she aims to ensure that Support and Access Services — a Student Council branch providing a range of legal, financial and academic support resources — is accessible for all University students by providing more inclusive products. Read more at The Cavalier Daily.

At their annual retreat at Graves Mountain Lodge, the Honor Committee elected its new executive committee. The new committee will take over April 1, per the Committee’s constituion, and will hold their positions until April 7, 2025. 

Graduate Batten student Ian Novak will be the next vice chair for the graduate community. He will also head the Community Relations and Diversity Advisory Committee, which advises the Committee on its practices with regard to diversity. Read more at The Cavalier Daily.




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