Past Events

With the current health crisis pushing so many of our interactions online, you don’t have to move to the West Coast to start your career in emerging technologies. This week’s edition of Batten Expert Chats will feature two UVA alumni who created their own technological business ventures: Dan Laufer (BS ’06) and Ed Festa (BA ’02, MBA ’10).

Batten Expert Chats

Black Americans are systematically under-treated for pain relative to White Americans. For the next edition of Batten’s Expert Chats Series, Batten professor Sophie Trawalter will discuss research indicating that people--including individuals with medical training--believe that Blacks (vs. Whites) feel less pain. Join the conversation on Zoom.


The economic impact of COVID-19 on Virginia localities will not be fully understood for a long time; yet we know it is devastating for many. Come hear investment professionals in Virginia share their insights during another installment of our Expert Chat Series. Join the conversation via Zoom.