Our Favorite SE Classes

The Minor in Social Entrepreneurship is available to current UVA undergraduate students from any major and is one of three concentrations within the Entrepreneurship Minor at UVA. Interested students should first take ENTP 1010: Startup to gain access to the minor application. Once admitted, students must complete a core and capstone course through the Batten School, which—in addition to the Startup class—will count toward the 15 credits required to complete the Entrepreneurship Minor. Two electives round out the course of study and are chosen from among 45 options offered across the university. 

As you finish your course registration, our SE Fellows shared more about their favorite SE courses in case you were looking for other options this spring!

LizaOne of my favorite things about the Social Entrepreneurship minor is the ability to take elective classes from almost all of the schools at the university. From the Architecture School, to Engineering, Nursing, Batten, Education, and McIntire, the possibilities to pursue interdisciplinary topics of interest are endless. My favorite elective class I have taken through the minor is ARCH 2070: Intro to Designing and Thinking. The Design Thinking process is a human centered approach to innovation. I learned the importance of defining and fully understanding a problem or goal before delving into solutions and the best ways to practice empathetic listening. Through the class, I became a better problem solver and take these lessons with me to enrich my experience in other business and entrepreneurship courses.

DrewWhile pursuing the Social Entrepreneurship minor, I had the opportunity to take Innovation and Social Impact (LPPS 3410) with Professor Bala Mulloth. It was one of my favorite courses that I have taken at UVA because it looked at different areas of innovation and how each type plays a vital role in creating positive impacts in different parts of the world. Professor Mulloth is an incredible professor with great insights on Social Entrepreneurship as he has his own social enterprise and has done very interesting research on the topic. He is an incredibly knowledgeable person in the field and always open to help anyone interested in the area. At the end of the semester, we worked on a presentation about a growing innovation in today's society. It was a great opportunity to dive into different aspects of an innovation while looking at both the positive and negative impacts that any new technology brings. Overall, it was a very immersive class and expanded my perspective about entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact. I would highly recommend taking this class!

If you have questions about the Social Entrepreneurship Minor, make an appointment to meet with our SE Fellows to learn more about the program or the field of social entrepreneurship! You can make an appointment with Liza or with Drew using their Calendly links!