My Favorite Batten Graduate Class, Part 2

The Batten MPP degree offers more than the typical policy research and data analysis education found at other public policy schools. We focus on the result of policy — solving society’s most pressing problems. Our multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving and emphasis on ethics reinforce our focus on how leadership works, why context matters in decision-making and which actions lead to tangible results. We asked our most recent graduates which classes stood out at the end of their two years at Batten!


“Professor Leive's Social Insurance class – it’s super relevant, there's tons of new research coming out, and Professor Leive is awesome at cultivating discussion!”

  • Geoff, MPP Class of 2021

“I've loved classes I've taken within and outside of the Batten School, especially Psychology for Leadership and Leadership in the Public Arena - I continue to apply the lessons I learned in these courses to daily personal and professional life. They were both hard work, which only added to my feeling of accomplishment at the end of the semester.”

  • Emily, MPP Class of 2021

“Elaine Poon’s Legal Advocacy in Public Policy - the perfect mix of activism, organizing, law and policymaking from an incredible practitioner in the field.”

  • Jasmine, MPP Class of 2021

“Speechwriting with Kyle O’Connor! I was able to learn a real-world skill while having my writing edited more intensely than it had ever been before. It was a perfect short course!”

  • Christian, MPP Class of 2021

“Congress 101- it was such great insight into how things really get done in DC. It is invaluable for anyone interested in federal legislative work. Plus, we got to take a trip to DC and meet with several members of the Virginia delegation!”

  • Kim, JD/MPP Class of 2021

“Wise Interventions was my favorite elective! I enjoyed real world applications of Batten’s social psychology material, and my classmates and I would find ourselves using those terms in regular conversations as well.”

  • Niki, Accelerated MPP Class of 2021