Exploring Social Business Pathways: Green Map System as a Case in Point

Objective: social entrepreneurship holds promise as a way for organizations to create value for both individuals and communities. The objective of this paper is to observe and analyze the ways Green Map System, a not-for-profit social venture, supports sustainable community development and local leadership by sharing tools, icons, and technology for mapping eco-sites around the world. The role of technology and digital networks, as well as the impact of global linkages, is also observed and emphasized. Methods: the research approach used for this paper is qualitative in nature and uses the case study methodology. Evidence was based on data collection methods, such as archived documents, interviews, questionnaires, and direct observations at formal and informal settings. Results: using the example of Green Map System, I demonstrate that creating local partnerships, as well as including and collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, is key to fulfilling the organization’s mission-driven vision. Conclusions: I use the example of Green Map System and describe how the organization went about creating social and business pathways by outlining the growth, evolution, and social innovation of the organization. I also layout the challenges and decision dilemmas the organization faces as it continues to grow as a social business.

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Bala Mulloth