How Experienced Congressional Staff Contribute to Effective Lawmaking

Mike Henry, Chief of Staff for Senator Tim Kaine, will join Center for Effective Lawmaking Co-Director, Professor Craig Volden, for a virtual conversation regarding life as a professional Congressional staffer. They’ll talk candidly about how experienced legislative staff can greatly impact a lawmaker’s ability to be effective. Members of Congress seek to allocate their scarce staff resources carefully, given their multiple, sometimes competing objectives. When it comes to staffing offices, there are many tough decisions to make. However, the Center for Effective Lawmaking has released research demonstrating that a targeted strategy to recruit and retain the most experienced legislative staff in Congress may pay the greatest dividends in regards to lawmaking.  

Join us for a conversation about the impactful research, which led to a memo of recommendation to the House of Representatives, with someone who knows first-hand what it means to be effective on the Hill.

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Craig Volden