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By Nikki Kain, under the guidance of Lucy Bassett

Showcasing Applied Policy Projects of New Alums

The Applied Policy Project (APP) is the capstone project for the Master of Public Policy (MPP) program at the Batten School. The year-long APP process provides second-year MPP students with the opportunity to apply their leadership and policy analysis skills to real-world policy challenges.  

Each student seeks out and collaborates with an external organization to conduct a comprehensive analysis of a significant public policy problem and provide evidence-based, actionable recommendations. Student-driven and supervised by Batten faculty experts from a broad range of disciplines, the APP provides students with the opportunity to learn from scholars and practitioners as they come together to make a tangible impact on humanity’s greatest policy challenges.  

The MPP Class of 2024 worked alongside experts in the field to tackle a wide range of urgent public policy challenges across sectors, industries, geographic locations, and affected populations. The three focus areas featured in this series—education, the environment, and global issues—were prevalent across this year’s diverse set of APPs and represent some of the most pressing issues facing our society.  

By applying lessons learned from their time at the Batten School and their own unique experiences, the recent graduates featured here demonstrate the potential for evidence-based policymaking to drive meaningful impact across sectors. This three-part series celebrates the MPP Class of 2024 and highlights the power of collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to addressing complex societal challenges.  

UVA Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy graduates

Part I: Driving Progress in Education Policy Across Virginia and Beyond

  • Improving Achievement in DC Public Schools: A Racial Equity Framework
  • Addressing High Teacher Turnover Rates in Virginia Childcare Centers
  • Addressing Chronic Absenteeism in Richmond Public Schools
UVA Batten Environmental Policy image featuring students doing gardening work outdoors.

Part II: Fostering Collaboration to Advance Environmental Sustainability

  • Mitigating Data Center-Driven Energy Demand Growth in Virginia
  • Bridging the Gap: Enhancing the Science-to-Management Pathway for Climate-Resilient Fisheries
  • Increasing Climate Resilience Among Smallholder Farmers in Somalia
UVA Batten Global Policy image featuring students on bikes on an academic trip

Part III: Forging Global Policy Solutions to Support Humanity Worldwide

  • Forging Digital Resiliency: Enhancing Global Civil Society and Independent Media’s Digital Resiliency
  • NATO’s Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific
  • Reducing Coca Cultivation in Colombia