Meet the BA Class of 2022

This year, we are excited to welcome 92 new students into the undergraduate major program. With an ever-increasing need for ethical policy leaders, this year’s application cycle was proof of the growing interest in our school, mission, and program. Our aim is to bring in a diverse group of students who will go out and make a difference in their respective communities, and this year’s cohort reflects that in their diversity of backgrounds, interests, and experiences.  

We received 215 applications for the 92 seats, resulting in about a 42% admittance rate, similar to historical trends. This year, we brought in students from across the country, including Colorado, Texas, and Massachusetts, as well as two countries. First generation students make up 14% of our class, an increase from only 5% the year before. Minority students comprise a third of the class, and women comprise about two-thirds of the program.

Additionally, we admitted students with GPAs that ranged from 2.84 to 4.0. Most students (middle 50%) had a GPA that fell within the 3.5-3.8 range. Students are engaged in a variety of CIOs and organizations (including the Women’s Leadership Development Program, College Mentors for Kids, Rise Together, Student Council, Meriwether Lewis Institute, Madison House, Orientation Leaders, and the International Relations Organization), as well as undergraduate research, and many hold part-time positions across Grounds. Many intend to pursue a major or minor outside of Batten, including in economics, global studies, psychology, and art history.

Together, our differences make us stronger. Together, we are Batten. We look forward to bringing in the next group of committed policy leaders in the months to come!